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Ware's Return As Coach Means Chubb Just Hit The Pass Rush Jackpot

By Romi Bean

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) - DeMarcus Ware is the new pass rush consultant of the Denver Broncos. Ware played his final three seasons with the Broncos and was an integral piece of the Broncos historic 2015 defense. In an act of brilliance, the Broncos found a way to bring D-Ware back in a specialized part-time role.

DeMarcus Ware (3)
DeMarcus Ware (credit: CBS)

The Super Bowl 50 Champion, who finished 8th all-time in career sacks, is back in orange and blue.

"When you're on the field, you need to go 100 percent. That's my mentality when I'm out here coaching guys in technique work. When I'm out there really just coaching guys and showing them things, I want their eyes on me. And the guys have really been taking to the concept," Ware said.

Of course they're taking to the concept. When DeMarcus Ware gives advice, you don't just listen -- you consume as much as possible.

"He's a future hall of famer. Just to have that guy coaching, I think it means a tremendous amount to those guys. To me, that's the biggest benefit, because they know he's actually been on the field and he's done it at a high level," defensive coordinator Joe Woods said.

DeMarcus Ware (1)
DeMarcus Ware (credit: CBS)

Von Miller will be the first to tell you how amazing it is to have his mentor back on the field:

"I kind of feel like we're getting ready for fight camp. I'm getting ready to go in for like a championship fight and they brought D-Ware in to help me out. He knows me the best; we did some great things together. We respond well together. They hired him back and it should work out well for all of us, not just me," Miller said.

The guy most excited Ware's return has got to be rookie Bradley Chubb. He might be the luckiest rookie linebacker ever. Learning from Demarcus Ware and Von Miller?! That's what you call hitting the pass rush jackpot.

Bradley Chubb
Bradley Chubb (credit: CBS)

"I'm just smiling from ear to ear. Every opportunity I get, just wide-open ears, listening to everything they have to say and just trying to take it all in and make sure I implement to my game." Chubb said.

It's not just edge rushers excited about Ware's return. Every guy in the locker room is thrilled.

Even though he didn't play defensive back, he has advice for a defensive back," Broncos safety Will Parks said. "The leadership he provided to us young guys was tremendous. Making sure we were pros first. You don't get that in every locker room, and for him to come back, that's enough motivation right there for you to turn your game up a notch, so I'm excited about it"

Ware might end up being the Broncos best offseason acquisition -- for the second time.

Romi Bean is a sports anchor and reporter at CBS4. Connect with Romi on Twitter @Romi_Bean.

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