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Delta Flight Diverted To Denver After 'Cabin Pressure Issue'

DENVER (CBS4) -- A Delta flight from Atlanta to Seattle made an unscheduled landing in Denver Monday night after an issue with the cabin pressure caused the oxygen masks to drop.

The Boeing 757 had 185 passengers, two pilots and five flight attendants aboard.

The flight crew followed safety protocols: the pilots took the plane down to 10,000 feet and declared an emergency with air traffic control for priority handling. Officials said oxygen masks in the cabin deployed as part of the safety systems on board the aircraft.

oxygen mask drop from the ceiling compartment on airplane
FILE PHOTO (credit: iStock/Getty Images)

Six people needed treatment for unknown medical concerns; two of them were hospitalized. All are expected to be okay.

Flight landed routinely at Denver International Airport just after 7 p.m.

Airline officials issued the following statement:

"Safety is always top of mind for Delta people as we serve our customers. We apologize to our customers for the delay in their travels this evening and our teams are working to get them to their final destinations as quickly as possible."

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