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DeGette Tells Denver Students She Supports Large-Scale Gun Buy-Back Program

DENVER (CBS4) - Colorado Congresswoman Diana DeGette went back to high school in Denver on Friday to talk about gun control.

The Democrat who represents Colorado's 1st Congressional District talked with students at South High School, her alma mater.

Diana DeGette
Rep. Diana DeGette (credit: CBS)

The students wanted to know about raising the age restriction for purchasing firearms as well as banning some weapons.

(credit: CBS)

DeGette told the students she believes it will take more than a single action to curb the violence.

"I don't think just raising the age to 21 solves the problem, just like I don't think the bump stock alone solves the problem," DeGette said. "I think you have to put all of this together and then really work to get the guns back."

Degette pointed to Australia's buy back program that got assault-style weapons off the streets after they were banned as an example of what she'd like to do.

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