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Daughter Was On Phone With Dad When He Was Struck By Lightning

By Lauren DiSpirito

ARVADA, Colo. (CBS4)- Jennica Trover takes comfort knowing her father's last hours were spent in the place he loved most-- the mountains of Northern Colorado.

"It was definitely a place that he couldn't live without, that was our second home, and I believe that is his heaven," Trover said.

jennica chad trover
Chad and Jennica Trover (credit: Jennica Trover)

Her father, Chad Trover, 45, of Arvada, was killed Friday when he struck by lightning while helping a friend build a cabin in the Crystal Lakes area. Jennica, his 19-year-old daughter, says her father was in between two trees when he was struck and later died at the hospital.

She says her father loved to fish and ride ATVs. He was an outdoorsman who loved adventure.

"You really never caught him just sitting and relaxing," she says.

Trover says her father also loved helping friends, and was with his best friend when he was struck. They were working on the cabin when a small but strong storm moved into the area.

"He was the most kind and caring man in this universe, he'd travel the world for the ones that he loved," she says.

chad trover
Chad Trover (credit: Jennica Trover)

Trover was on the phone with her dad when he was struck by lightning.

"The phone line cut out and I kept trying to call him back and nothing, there was just no answer."

Trover drove to the Medical Center of the Rockies, where Chad was transported, and she was able to say goodbye.

"The hardest part was the doctor telling me that there's no good news," she said.

Chad was born on July 4, and considered himself the ultimate patriot. He loved the American flag. Now, one is lowered to half-staff outside his home in Arvada.

Jennica is now holding close one memory in particular – of their last hug – as he departed for what would be his last trip to the mountains.

"I didn't think that was going to be the last time I touched my dad, so that's definitely the memory that I'm holding on to right now."

UPDATE: CBS4 has learned that the family of Chad Trover is facing an additional challenge -- locating the attorney who wrote his will.

Lauren DiSpirito reports for CBS4 News at 10 p.m. She covers breaking news and feature stories along Colorado's Front Range. Follow her on Twitter @CBS4Lauren. Share your story ideas with her here.

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