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'We Have No Plan B': Marco Dorado, DACA Recipient From Colorado, Talks About Future

DENVER (CBS4)- Students and others in Denver are rallying in support of Dreamers as the U.S. Supreme Court considers the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA. Colorado-based DACA recipient Marco Dorado is in the nation's capital this week.

Copter4 flew over the Dreamers rally on Nov. 8, 2019 (credit: CBS)

Dorado admits the shadow of fear is growing for him and thousands of other dreamers as their jobs, scholarships and lives as they know it in the United States are threatened pending the Supreme Court's decision to uphold or eliminate DACA.

But his biggest fear? Not having a backup plan should the justices in the Supreme Court rule in the Trump administration's favor.

"We have no plan B. Congress needs to get its act together and pass legislation that creates a permanent solution for DACA recipients and the broader immigrant community."

Marco Dorado Dreamer DACA
Marco Dorado (credit: CBS)

Dorado speaks to CBS4's Morning Anchor Britt Moreno from Washington DC and admits he did not always know who he could share his immigration status with in Colorado. As a teenager in high school he remembers not feeling confident in letting people know he is not a citizen, but now he says he and many others have been able to be more transparent within their communities about their citizenship all thanks to the growing level support for dreamers.

Dorado tells Moreno he is with these very supporters in DC. He describes a group of people from all over the United States both DACA recipients and undocumented immigrants as well as citizens who are spirited and unified.

He described the tone to Moreno, "I think at the end of the day the judgment the supreme court passes down on DACA will be a reflection on who we are as a country and on our American values. The tone is both inspirational and empowering."

DACA SUPREME COURT 10PKG.transfer_frame_2039
(credit: CBS)

The Trump administration feels ending DACA would deter illegal immigration. Dorado disagrees. However, there is one thing on which he agrees with the president. He admits he is no longer "young" as the president indicated in a tweet about recipients. He says he is not a "hardened criminal" like the president described in his tweet yesterday, but rather a man who has had a floodgate of opportunity come his way because of DACA.

Dorado is pursuing a career in finance and has a college education. He says he is able to live the American Dream under the protection of DACA. Without it, communities he claims will be stressed. His fate and thousands of others will be uncertain.

"I know the sacrifice my parents made coming to this country and I understand the promise of the American dream. Going to college was intentional, because I wanted access to that American dream."

He said other dreamers deserve this wonderful opportunity.

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