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Hundreds Ride Bikes, Then Lay Down In Front Of Denver City And County Building For 'Die-In' Following Fatal Cycling Crashes

DENVER (CBS4) - Hundreds rode their bikes through Denver Sunday, from Little Raven Street to lay down in front of the City and County Building. It was a protest for cyclists after three died in the metro area in collisions with cars.  

"I always have close calls with motorists who aren't paying attention or don't care," Aaron Witter said.

Not everyone rides a bike, but chances are you know someone who does, in Witter's case, he knew someone who was hit.

"I was an acquaintance with one of the cyclists that was killed," he explained.

Three bicycles just over the course of a week have had their lives cut short.  

"I don't remember if we had three people die in the same weekend," said Alan Cowgill, Denver Bicycle Lobby.  

That's why the group helped to put on this "Ride and Die-In" event, to remind bicyclists and drivers to be more vigilant on the roads.

"Tim Campbell went to my church, he was killed on West Colfax, driver ran a red light and killed him," Cowgill recalled of the victim who was a shared streets advocates and wheelchair user.

The latest report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows the number of cyclists killed has dipped slightly in 2019 by 2.9%, but well over 800 people died.  

"We should have streets designed, so that if someone gets hit whether it's a pedestrian or someone on a bike, the traffic is moving slowly enough that people aren't going to be dying of their injuries," Cowgill mentioned.

That's part of the goal for Vision Zero in the City of Denver, to eliminate road deaths. However, in 2020 there were a total of 57, and 2020 looks to be on track to come close to a similar number.

"When there's cars where you are supposed to be, the cars have to really be paying attention," Clint Carter said.

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