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CU Football Players Leaving For New Opportunities, On And Off The Field

BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4)- Dimitry Stanley was CU's leading receiver in 2020. But in 2021, CU's historically bad offense left talented players like Stanley frustrated and in dire need of better opportunities.

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"I just felt that entering the transfer portal was going to give me the best opportunity. I felt that I wasn't really being utilized enough at CU," Stanley said. "I just wanted to step away and find the best opportunity where I can flourish."

With two years of eligibility remaining and dreams of making it to the NFL, Stanley wants the chance to properly showcase his talents.

"I'm just looking for somewhere that can get me the ball. I'm looking for somewhere that can get me 70 or 80 touches. I feel like if I get that, I'll be able to reach all my goals and be able to show NFL scouts what I can do," Stanley said.

Since the 2021 season came to an end, CU players have been leaving at an alarming rate. Stanley is one of seven starters that have entered the transfer portal.

"It's just guys kind of like me, just trying to find a better opportunity, feeling like CU wasn't get the job done. So it's just time to find somewhere new."

These days, it's no longer just about competing on the field. With the opportunity for athletes to earn significant money through NIL, many players are also looking to make the most of off field opportunity. Stanley said his decision was solely about football. But for many, the promise of creating financial opportunities is also a driving factor in playing elsewhere.

"This is a business to us and money is how you tell me you like me. This is how this works," former CU player Matt McChesney said.

McChesney, who played at CU and in the NFL, says the mass exodus of CU players has nothing to do with the current coaching staff, but rather that CU is playing catch up in the NIL game.

"This is business. Everybody needs to stop acting like this is a hobby. Period. Until Colorado gets on the same page from a monetary standpoint, they're not going to attract the kind of players that you want in Boulder to go 8- 4 instead of 4 – 8."

This week, CU launched a new program, the Buffs NIL Exchange, intended to open doors that will create opportunities for student athletes to procure NIL deals.

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