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Neighbors Fed Up With Cruising, Booming Cars On Federal

DENVER (CBS4) - It happens just about every Sunday night on Federal Boulevard -- a parade of cruising, racing cars that happen to be quite loud. Mark Irwin lives right by Barnum Park.

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"The dishes in our cupboards and our windows shake and you can't hear your own TV because of the 'boom boom...'"

That sound is from sound systems in the cars and from music coming from Barnum Park where crowds gather with their low riders and other enhanced vehicles.

Irwin said he wants to sue the city or do whatever it takes.

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"This is not a mariachi band. This is not a party. This is disturbance of our peace every Sunday."

Irwin's small backyard theater had to cancel Sunday shows. The neighbors next door have children who can't sleep.

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The car crowd was friendly for the most part, but one woman told CBS4's Rick Sallinger, "Who cares what the neighbors think. We've been doing this for years. Who cares what the neighbors think."

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But noise to some is music to others. Neighbor Melissa Maez said she used to belong to a car club.

"It don't (sic) bother me. The noise, that's what they do (sic) every weekend for years," she said.

Three years ago CBS4 reported on Denver Police cracking down on these Sunday drivers by towing cars involved in street racing. On this night there wasn't any police action.

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(credit: CBS)

Denver Police responded with the following statement:

"We recognize the importance of addressing quality of life issues such as noise complaints and strive to work with the community to help reduce them. We have a team of officers that are dedicated to addressing some of the quality of life issues around that area."

When addressing noise complaints, it helps officers if the person calling in the noise disturbance is able to identify the individual causing the noise disturbance and is willing to sign a complaint.

It appears that there was a noise complaint call on June 29 around 10:00 p.m. The caller did not want contact from police officers. Officers responded to the area, but the vehicles or people causing the noise disturbance had left the area.

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