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'CrossFit' Community Rallies Behind Colorado Man Severely Injured In Competition

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) - The worldwide CrossFit community is rallying together to help one of their own who was seriously injured during a competition.

CrossFit has become a huge fitness craze in the past few years and has become a community with a lot of heart behind it. CrossFit Unbroken in Englewood is a community putting their name to the test after one of its own coaches was severely injured in a California competition last Sunday.

Kevin Ogar was performing a powerlift when his spine was severed and he lost the use of his legs. There is now a big movement to help Ogar with his medical bills. When clicking on the fundraising page set up for Ogar the amount of money raised for him literally jumps by thousands every few hours.

"It was just kind of a freak accident," CrossFitter Christian Lucero said.

Lucero was in the competition with Ogar. He's amazed at how people worldwide are responding.

"Mostly with social media its spread so fast that everybody seems to know about it and be willing to help," Lucero said.

"There are posts from Australia on Facebook, from everywhere, from every corner," CrossFitter Lacy Harmony said.

Ogar doesn't have insurance, so a fund was set up.

"In less than 48 hours they've raised over $100,000 for him," CrossFit Unbroken owner Matt Hathcock said.

Hathcock said CrossFitters are known for their sense of community and support, especially for a guy like Ogar.

"He just has such a bright light that shines from him that everybody knows who Kevin is. Plus he's this giant red-headed guy," Harmony said. "It's just such a life-changing thing to happen … it really touched me to the core."

"A lot of us believe he's going to walk again," Hathcock said. "I just want him to come home."

Ogar has been through two surgeries in California and has a long road to recovery in front of him.

Find out more about how to help at

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