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Emergency Officials Warn Of Possibly Deadly 'Urban Avalanches'

CRESTED BUTTE, Colo. (CBS4) - Avalanches are just a threat in the mountains, they're also happening in the middle of Crested Butte. One man died and two others were hospitalized over the weekend because of "urban avalanches."

(credit: CBS)

With above average snowfall already this season, first responders are bracing for what's to come this spring.

CRESTED BUTTE ROOF FATAL 6PKG.transfer_frame_263
(credit: CBS)

"Just like in the backcountry, people need probes and shovels. We're trying to get probes and shovels and all the hands of our first responders because that's the easiest way to find someone when they're buried," said Jeff Duke, a local firefighter.

CRESTED BUTTE ROOF FATAL 6PKG.transfer_frame_353
(credit: CBS)

It's advised to work in teams of two or more when removing snow from roofs.

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