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Creepy Or Funny: Puppy Monkey Baby, Doritos Ultrasound, Camping Marmot

DENVER (CBS4) - In just the first quarter of Super Bowl 50, commercials have got the nation talking.

Doritos, Audi, Marmot, and Mountain Dew are a few big names who presented their Super Bowl commercials in the beginning, with mixed review.

Mountain Dew's combination of three awesome things in their newest drink materialized itself in the form of "Puppy Monkey Baby," a new creature that combines three apparently other great things.

It quickly began trending nationwide on Twitter as #puppymonkeybaby, as viewers were either creeped out by the creature or in support of its great combo.

Doritos, known for its socially spot-on comic commercials, likely delivered again (no pun intended). When checking on an ultrasound, the father of the unborn baby notices the baby follows the Doritos chip in his hand. Unfortunately for the mother, the baby follows the chip right out of the womb.

Viewers again took to Twitter, and many are calling the commercial the early winner of Super Bowl ads. There were others, though, a little unsettled by the commercial.

A more mild commercial came from camping outfitter Marmot, who used their namesake animal in an initially adorable commercial. A man in the Great Outdoors befriends an actual marmot and they share the company's gear, until things get awkward between the friends.

Viewers largely agreed on social media that the commercial was simply cute.


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