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European Model Causes Flight Diversion To DIA All Because Of A Cat

DENVER (CBS4) - A flight was diverted to Denver International Airport on Friday because of an unruly passenger who wanted to see her comfort cat.

Passengers resumed their flight on Saturday after a 24-hour delay.

A passenger on the flight to Germany from Las Vegas shot video of a clearly agitated woman, described at a European model, taken off the Condor Airlines flight that landed prematurely in Denver. The female passenger was reportedly demanding to be seated with her comfort cat.

"That lady wasn't happy with the crew putting their cat in the lavatory and then everything went wrong. She started screaming and shouting in the back," passenger Fritz Peterson said.

"She looked a little crazy in the mind," passenger Frank Kullman said.

At one point she reportedly slapped a flight attendant. Another passenger told CBS4's Howard Nathan she threw a paper cup at the attendant.

The flight was escorted down with two F-16s flying out of Buckley Air Force Base. Passengers learned the flight was landing in Denver through an on-board screen.

"I'm like, 'No, this can't this can't be. No I don't want to go to Denver, I want to go straight to Frankfurt,'" Peterson said.

The passengers were relieved when the woman was removed.

"From the back there started a wave of people clapping, and then she turned around and had a look on her face that was a crazy look and said, 'I don't know what's your problem, I got what I wanted,' and then she went by and that's it," Peterson said.

Passenger Dashenka Giraldo tweeted, "The lady claimed she was in the mafia and wanted to take our plane down."

"I think this woman was mentally ill," passenger Inge Mueller said. "I felt sorry for the cat."

"The disturbance aboard the flight was deemed a customer service issue and not a life-threatening matter and the airline handled the matter according to their policy for customer service related matters. No arrest was made," the FBI said.

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