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Cows attack joggers in 2 separate incidents in Boulder County

Jogger survives after being head-butted by a cow
Jogger survives after being head-butted by a cow 00:37

Officials with Boulder County Parks & Open Space are sending out a warning after two different joggers had frightening run-ins with cows in the past week while out on the trails. One was hurt badly.

Cows near the Meadowlark Trail CBS

They both happened in Superior on the Meadowlark Trail. Cows head butted and knocked over one jogger over the weekend but that person wasn't seriously injured. Then earlier this week several cows surrounded a second runner and she had to be taken to the hospital after getting hurt by the animals.   

"It was a surprise, but we do know mother cows can get agitated," said Vivienne Jannatpour, Boulder County Parks & Open Space spokeswoman.

Officials say in both cases mothers were protecting their young, and that the rancher who leases the area was there long before the path was built. Parts of the trail are now closed.

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