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Coronavirus In Colorado: Weld County School Bus Drivers Deliver Meals

WINDSOR, Colo. (CBS4) – As thousands of students across northern Colorado have an extended spring break due to coronavirus concerns, dozens of Weld RE4 School District employees are still driving buses each day to feed the students. Staff who normally work on the buses are taking to-go breakfasts and lunches to each of their regular stops to make sure no child goes hungry during the time off.

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Staff members, like Special Needs Transportation Assistants Amy Doughty and Paula Brown gave free meals away to any child, no matter their family's financial status. Any child between two and 18 were allowed to take up to three meals on Wednesday.

"We are out here to help," Doughty told CBS4's Dillon Thomas.

"It is not (our usual job, to deliver meals.) Usually, we are picking kids up and taking them to school," Brown said.

The school district had already purchased food to serve in cafeterias for the week leading up to spring break. So, they decided to donate the food to the students, many of whom have parents who did not plan on an extended break with children at home.

"We have a lot of students that are on free and reduced lunches," Doughty said.

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"Most parent's hadn't planned on having lunches at home," Brown said.

With grocery stores being a nightmare as of late, for shoppers of all ages, some said it was a relief that the district was helping feed their children.

"We are here to pick up free lunch," said Stephanie McKay, who brought her daughter Scarlett to pick up food from the bus stop. "She has asthma, so I won't take her in (to stores)."

"It is hard to find groceries," said Sean Dailey, who brought his son Braeden to pick up meals.

The staff with Weld RE-4 said they were honored to take their time to make sure each child was eating well, while also making sure parents wouldn't stress over providing.

"They didn't have to go fight in the grocery stores," Brown said.

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"The fact that they are here, risking a lot, is really important and special," McKay said. "It keeps us safer, and it keeps (Scarlett) fed. So, it is awesome."

Some kids said the meals they were provided satisfied them, sometimes even more so than that which they would typically receive.

"I'm glad we are out here doing it. It gets us out of the house and doing something good for our community," Doughty said.

"I live in a community I am proud of. It is nice to know that we can step up and help everybody," Brown said.

With incoming weather concerns, and pre-scheduled days off for the district, parents in Weld County are encouraged to check for more information on future bus meal dropoffs online.

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