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'LOV Pods' Bring Family Members Closer During Coronavirus

BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) - Residents at Frasier Meadows Senior Living have a new way to see their loved ones in person thanks to Pinkard Construction and the new "LOV Pods" created outside the facility. Family members and friends can meet residents in a seated setting where they are separated by plastic sheeting to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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"If this is the best way to handle it as far as the total picture than I am in agreement with it," said Barbara Handler, a resident at Frasier Meadows.

LOV stands for "Loved Ones Visiting" the community. Handler's daughter was there Wednesday to try the new outdoor setup and have a proper visit for the first time in three months. They relied on phone calls up until now and even tried a window visit from a residential unit but it didn't feel the same as this experience.

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"I thought we wouldn't be able to visit until who knows how long because of the risk," said Nina Handler Asnes. "I wasn't quite sure but it's just like having a normal visit."

There are three "LOV Pods" setup outside so residents and visitors can enjoy each other's company with the help of microphones and headphones. Carpet and comfortable chairs help to make the visit last longer and feel like one without the glass. Some residents are even restricted to visit others in the community, so this setup allows them to catch up while practicing social distancing. Restrictions at Frasier Meadows even limit which employees can enter certain parts of their facilities.

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"I am enjoying anything that can help me get to see my family," Handler told CBS4.

Her daughter says she plans to visit three times a week now that this feature is available to families. Staff say they are excited to connect more loved ones to residents through this experience in the weeks ahead.

"These pods are just, you know, they are a lifesaver, just to be able to visit like this is amazing," Handler Asnes said. "I'm crying."

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