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Coronavirus Outbreak: Doctors Urge People Not To Try Cloroquine Without Prescription

(CBS4) -- A cure or vaccine is still in the works for coronavirus -- but recently President Donald Trump touted a drug that may help cure it -- it's called chloroquine. But, it's unproven and an Arizona man died after ingesting an aquarium cleaner than contained it. So we wanted to know more about it.

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CBS4's Jacqueline Quynh talked to a doctor who says under no circumstances should anyone try to self-medicate with choloroquine. It's only available by prescription but people can still get their hands on it.

Dr. Merhnaz Fishback with National Jewish Health in Denver cautions against it, while it is still being investigated.

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"I think without knowing exactly how effective the medication, any of these medications are, that can be harmful, because people think this is the magic pill that they can use and feel better," Dr. Fishback said.

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Dr. Fishback says the drug also has side effects that can be dangerous for your heart or kidneys.

Doctors are also warning people not to hoard the drug because millions of people already depend on it for other conditions.

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