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Coronavirus In Colorado: Speeding Drivers Putting More Lives At Risk Than Their Own

DENVER (CBS4) — Colorado residents are sheltered in place, leaving streets and highways empty during hours when thousands of cars would usually be gridlocked on our roads. The cabin fever associated with the pandemic has many missing their traffic-filled commutes, but others have found a way to take advantage of quiet streets.

"We have given more speeding tickets for 40mph and over than we have in the last month or in January," said Trooper Josh Lewis of Colorado State Patrol.

The roads, streets and boulevards along the Front Range have become home to reckless drivers. While the majority are safe inside, lead feet are out pushing the limits.

Thornton Police reported a driver going 128mph in a 55mph zone. Lakewood Police tweeted about a 16 year old cruising at 104mph. That driver doesn't even have a license.

On April 1, Westminster Police cited drivers going 103 and 97mph. In a tweet WPD wrote: "There are fewer people on the roads, but at these speeds accidents will be catastrophic."

Local law enforcement and CSP troopers patrolling the streets and highways are essential workers. They're honored to be out helping drivers, but now there are more dangers than the passing cars that don't pull over.

"If we are going to make contact, there's that danger along with whatever else may happen," said Lewis, "Anytime we have to make that traffic stop, we don't know who we are coming in contact with."

CSP hopes people understand that driving recklessly is not only dangerous for those on the road, but for everyone willing to risk their lives to save them.

"If they get into a crash, not only are we now exposed with that crash, but we have EMTs, nurses, doctors and other people who have to come out and help control that scene. Those people and those resources can be utilized to help fight this virus," said Lewis.

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