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Coronavirus Has Nothing To Do With Corona Beer, But Some People In Colorado Think It Does

DENVER (CBS4) - Some people apparently think that the coronavirus sweeping the globe is somehow related to Corona beer. Google searches for the terms "Corona beer virus" and "beer virus" have spiked over the past week, according to Google Trends.

And associating the virus and the beer apparently is a big thing in Colorado. Our state ranks #5 nationally in searches for "Corona beer virus."

Worldwide, searches for this grouping of words is up more than 2300%.

Although there is a lot to be learned about this new strain of virus, it is known that it has NOTHING TO DO with Corona beer. There is simply NO link between the two.

Corona beer
(Credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images)

A source of confusion: the names.

The pale Mexican lager gets its name for the "crown" in Spanish.

The coronavirus gets its name from what the virus looks like under a microscope -- viral particles that are round with a series of crown-like spikes protruding from it.

From a business perspective, the manufacturer has not commented, and sales of Corona have not dropped.

From a health perspective, once again, there's nothing linking the beer and the virus.

As with many things, there are a number of falsehoods floating the internet about the virus, including this one.

One out there that's more dangerous is the idea that drinking bleach will protect you from the virus. In this case, the virus won't kill you, but drinking bleach will.

Don't believe everything on the Internet.

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