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Aurora Public Schools Prioritize Mental Health For Teachers During Remote Learning

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4)- For the past two months, teachers across the state have been transitioning their lesson plans from the classroom to an online platform due to measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

"The challenges of teaching virtually have to be so difficult," Megan Lonergan, the director of employee relations at Aurora Public Schools said.

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(credit: Aurora Public Schools)

With those challenges in mind, Lonergan said they decide to fast track a partnership with Meru Health to offer their staff more accessible mental health support.

"We wanted something different," she said. "so when you're having a bad day you don't have to wait a week to see your therapist."

It's a type of digital care that Brett Shrewsbury, with Meru Health says is needed now more than ever with fewer offices welcoming patients and while not everyone feels safe venturing out.

"They can get on the app and a clinical therapist guides them through a free 12-week program to activate behavior change," Shrewsbury said.

He says he can understand that some are looking for the person to person interaction but the accessibility the program offers helps to build a similar relationship.

"It's definitely a new approach and what we found the connection our therapist is making with the patient is very strong because they are interacting every day or every other day," he said.

"For teachers and staff at Aurora Public Schools it's an added resource to help navigate what will be an uncertain path forward.

"It's really changing habits and practices in everyday life rather than just intervening in the moment of crisis," Lonergan.

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