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101-Year-Old Believes Secret To Longevity Is Daily Coors Light

GOLDEN, Colo. (CBS4)- You know what they say, it's five o'clock somewhere, but for Andrew Slavonic, five is one hour too late. He likes to have his beer at four.

"Every day at four o'clock, yes," said Andrew.

101 yr old coors light 6pkg_frame_749
Andrew Slavonic (credit: CBS)

Thursday, he was right on time to get his daily Coors Light, but he admits four isn't a strict deadline.

"Oh, we may miss it by a half an hour or so but we still get that four o'clock beer in," he said.

Coors light beer
Coors Light (credit: CBS)

What better place to get it than straight from the source, Bill's Pub inside the Coors Brewery in Golden.

Andrew says he liked the way it tasted there, "It's a good flavor I really enjoyed it. I loved it."

101 yr old coors light 6pkg_frame_468
(credit: CBS)

Andrew is 101 years old. He was an Air Force gunner in World War II. He's a family man but one his favorite things in the world these days is his four o'clock Coors Light.

"I just love to drink it… that's all."

101 yr old coors light 6pkg_frame_2074
(credit: Miller Coors)

He says he's been drinking his daily beer for too many years to count. It all started when he was much younger.

"I was mowing my lawn at about four o'clock. When I was finished with the lawn, I'd have my Coors Light. That's when it hit the spot."

101 yr old coors light 6pkg_frame_2324
(credit: Miller Coors)

Andrew thinks it might just be the secret to his longevity, "I can sit here and drink this all day it's like a medicine."

101 yr old coors light 6pkg_frame_869
(credit: CBS)

When the Coors family heard about Andrew, they decided to fly him from his home near Pittsburgh to Colorado and show him around. He enjoyed lunch with them and got a private tour of the brewery.

101 yr old coors light 6pkg_frame_2550
(credit: CBS)

"It's quite a facility!"

Andrew likes Colorado just fine, but what he really enjoyed is having a freshly poured Coors Light with his family in the place where it all began.

101 yr old coors light 6pkg_frame_2479
(credit: CBS)
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