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Jesse Ventura Allegedly Sends Letter To DIA Alerting Of Excavation

DENVER (CBS4) - Denver International Airport is seeking to verify a letter received from former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura, star of the show 'Conspiracy Theory.' They posted a photo of the document to their Facebook page Tuesday morning.

The letter, addressed to DIA CEO Kim Day, states that the show previously explored DIA in 2010, only to find "mysterious artwork" that appeared to "depict a road map of plans for the Apocalypse."

Allegedly written and signed by Jesse Ventura, the letter claims that new information has since been learned about buildings and an airstrip constructed underground, and that he will soon arrive at DIA to unearth one of them.

DIA shared the document in hopes of having Jesse Ventura confirm the letter, and if true, to ensure the correct permitting.

Jesse Ventura letter to DIA
(credit: Denver International Airport, Facebook)
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