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Conifer Tesla Knifing Suspect Identified As David Catalfano Jr.

CONIFER, Colo., (CBS4)- The man accused of knifing a Tesla in Conifer, that was captured on the vehicle's built-in camera, has been identified. David Catalfano Jr. may face charges of tampering with a motor vehicle and felony criminal mischief.

Conifer Tesla Keyed (David Catalfano Jr., from JeffCo SO) copy
David Catalfano Jr. (credit: Jefferson County)

Catalfano, 32, has not been arrested but a summons will be issued after the Jefferson County District Attorney's Office evaluates the case.

CONIFER TESLA KEYED.transfer_frame_310
(credit: CBS)

The woman who owns the car has owned it for about six months. The Tesla comes equipped with eight motion-activated cameras that can be downloaded to a thumb drive.

CONIFER TESLA KEYED.transfer_frame_1064
(credit: CBS)

Regina, who asked to only be identified by her first name out of fear of retaliation, tells CBS4 she parked the Tesla at the Safeway near her home earlier this month. When she came outside after grocery shopping with her family, she found a large scratch.

CONIFER TESLA KEYED.transfer_frame_101
(credit: CBS)

According to Regina, the damage is estimated at about $2,500.

Another camera on the car captured the man, who was dressed in a grey hooded sweatshirt and pants, getting into another car before leaving the parking lot. The video was turned over to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

CONIFER TESLA KEYED.transfer_frame_1017
(credit: CBS)

In September, CBS4 was the first to report on a similar vandalism incident in Broomfield where woman was caught on camera keying a man's Tesla. That woman, Maria Elena Gimeno, later turned herself into police.

CONIFER TESLA KEYED.transfer_frame_2387
(credit: CBS)
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