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'The Great Resignation': Colorado Workers Quitting Their Jobs More Often Than Workers In Most Other States

(CBS4) - There's been an uptick recently in the number of Americans leaving their jobs for better pay and benefits in other positions. And in Colorado the percentage of these job departures is higher than in other states, according to new statistics.

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows Colorado saw 4.3% of workers in the state resign in September.

(credit: CBS)

To compare, Hawaii (No. 1 for resignations) had just over 7%. Montana (No. 2) had just under 5%. Colorado is tied with Indiana and Alaska for the No. 4 spot at 4.3%.

Hawaii: 7.1%
Montana: 4.8%
Nevada: 4.5%
Alaska: 4.3%
Colorado: 4.3%
Indiana: 4.3%
Idaho: 4.1%
Oregon: 3.9%
Louisiana: 3.8%
New Hampshire: 3.8%

So what's driving workers away? States with more people quitting have issues beyond the pandemic. That includes an aging workforce or a low workforce participation rate. In states with low unemployment rates, workers are using that leverage to find more lucrative jobs.

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