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Mountain Lion Attacks Sheriff's Deputy & Resident

LARIMER COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) - Two people were attacked by a mountain lion near Loveland on Wednesday afternoon. The Larimer County Sheriff's Office says one of their deputies was attacked near River Rim Road after responding to the original reported attack.

mountain lion attack larimer county
(credit: CBS)

"I was standing in my RV doorway looking out and underneath the bridge comes this running mountain lion. It runs right through this little park, through this ditch, and right under my RV," said Tim Satterly who has been staying at the Riverview RV park west of Loveland.

A large response from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife as well as Larimer County ensued.

"Within a couple of seconds they say, 'Oh it's on the move.' And we hear gunshots like five or six gunshots. The mountain lion attacked her and then they were shooting at it, it went back under my RV," Satterly said.

The deputy and citizen suffered non-life threatening injuries and were treated at a local hospital, according to the Larimer County Sheriff's Office.

mountain lion attack larimer county
(credit: CBS)

"I talked to her, she seemed to be okay," Satterly said about the deputy.

The mountain lion continued to the east crossing the Big Thompson River and was eventually killed by a CPW wildlife officer.

"If you look at the area, it's mountain lion country. There's wildlife of all kinds, and this is where a mountain lion likes to be" said Jason Clay, the Public Information Officer for CPW. "Mountain lions will utilize the urban areas for prey resources."

CPW officers say they shot and killed the mountain lion because it was a threat to human safety. They say there is no further public safety concerns.

"Thankfully there wasn't any much more damage than there was. It's unfortunate, a creature like that has to go do such things. But if it's attacking people, you have to take it down," said Satterly.

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