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Four 2018 Wildfires Join List Of Top 10 Largest In Colorado History

By Ben Warwick

DENVER (CBS4) - This summer will see four Colorado wildfires climb into the top 10 list of biggest wildfires in state history.

Spring Fire
(credit: CBS)

The Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control keeps an official list. That list is below. However, the two large fires currently burning in Southern Colorado will not officially make the list until they are declared contained.

1. The Hayman Fire - 138,114 acres (2002)

Hayman Fire
The Hayman fire, named for the spot where it is believed to have started, burns on a ridge June 12, 2002 north of Lake George, Colorado. (Photo by Tom Cooper/Getty Images)

2. West Fork Complex Fire (West Fork, Windy Pass, and Papoose Fires) - 109,632 acres (2013)

3. High Park Fire - 87,250 acres (2012)

4. Missionary Ridge Fire - 71,739 acres (2002)

5. Last Chance Fire - 52,000 acres (2012)

6. Bridger Fire - 45,800 acres (2008)

7. Bear Springs/Callie Marie Fires - 44,662 acres (2011)

8. 117 Fire - 42,795 acres (2018)

CO FIRES 5VO_frame_189
The 117 Fire (credit: CBS)

9. Beaver Creek Fire - 38,380 acres (2016)

10. Badger Hole Fire - 33,609 acres (2018)

This list reflects acreage only, not the amount of destruction. The Black Forest Fire in El Paso County burned 14,280 acres, destroyed 511 homes and killed two people in 2013, making it the most devastating in Colorado history. The Waldo Canyon Fire near Colorado Springs burned 18,247 acres, destroyed 346 homes and killed two people in the summer of 2012. Also in 2012, the High Park Fire destroyed 259 buildings and killed one west of Fort Collins.

As of Wednesday, the Spring Fire sat at 94,093 acres and 104 homes destroyed. The 416 Fire has burned 52,778 acres.

Wildfire Resources

- Visit's Living With Wildfire section.

Ben Warwick is an Assignment Editor at CBS4 and is a native Coloradan. He loves sports, particularly baseball, and telling stories from around the state. Connect with him on Twitter @BenCBS4.


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