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Several Tornadoes Hit Colorado Tuesday During State's First Severe Weather Event Of Year

DENVER (CBS4) - Colorado's severe weather season kicked off with a bang on Tuesday as thunderstorms developed over a large portion of the eastern plains, including around metro Denver. Some of the storms produced heavy rain with localized flooding, hail, cloud-to-ground lightning and tornadoes.

Eric Hurst Video4_ajstreetman_frame_432
A landspout tornado southwest of Kit Carson, Colorado. (credit: Eric Hurst)

The following is a preliminary list of tornadoes reported to the National Weather Service as of this posting. Click here to see the latest list of storm reports. No damage or injuries have been reported as a result of these tornadoes.

  • 15 miles ENE of Wild Horse Point (Lincoln County) - several trained spotters reported a tornado, location was estimated by radar
  • 14 miles SSW of Wild Horse (Cheyenne County) - Cheyenne County Sheriff reported 3 tornadoes with wall clouds
  • 10 miles S of Wild Horse (Cheyenne County) - tornado viewed on storm chaser's live cam
  • 2 miles W of Kit Carson (Cheyenne County) - video of tornado on social media crossing US 40
  • 13 miles N of Firstview (Cheyenne County) - multiple reports of tornado near the intersection of Road DD and 32
Eric Hurst Video7_ajstreetman_frame_245
A storm chase caught a tornado crossing U.S. 40 in Kit Carson County. (credit: Eric Hurst)

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The tornadoes reported in Colorado on Tuesday were classified as either landspout tornadoes or gustnadoes, meaning they were produced by non-supercell thunderstorms. A supercell thunderstorm rotates and produces larger tornadoes that can be long-lived and travel several miles. A tornado produced by a non-supercell thunderstorm is typically smaller in structure, weaker and short-lived. IMPORTANT NOTE: All tornadoes are potentially dangerous to life and property no matter how they are classified.

Colorado's severe weather season typically kicks off in mid to late April but really ramps up by the end of May and lasts through much of August. The state averages about 53 tornadoes per year with most of those touching down east of Interstate 25 on the eastern plains.

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