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2 Colorado Fathers Share Mission & Goal For Stricter Gun Control

DENVER (CBS4) - Three recent mass shootings: in Buffalo, New York; Uvalde, Texas; and Tulsa, Oklahoma, have been met with increased calls for more legislation for gun control. Among those raising their voices again are two Colorado men, both named Tom, who have more in common than a first name.

Tom Mauser lost his son, Daniel, at Columbine High School and ever since has been fighting for stricter gun control. He's also learning from the lesson from Columbine to law enforcement to enter and confront immediately.

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"Have we learned nothing since Columbine what to do when there is an active shooter? It's just terrible," he said standing near his son's plaque at the Columbine Memorial.

Mauser, who still wears his son's shoes, was arrested while protesting several years ago at the headquarters of the National Rifle Association. He says the organization has
bought the votes of Republicans in Congress with contributions. He adds the NRA's view does not represent most voters.

"I think the average person does believe this is enough. When you consider that over 90% of 'Americans support background checks.'"

Across town in Aurora, Alex Sullivan was celebrating his 27th birthday with friends when he was one of 12 killed while watching a Batman movie at a theater in 2012. Since then his father, Tom, has twice been elected as a state representative fighting for legislation to try to reduce gun violence.

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"We have made progress, but we have to do more. It's been crisis legislation," Sullivan told CBS 4.

He wears bracelets that remember those lost not only in Aurora, but Sandy Hook, Las Vegas and other mass shootings. He now hears the voices raised over Uvalde.

"I get it that these were kids and this takes it to a different level."

While flowers remember those lost in Colorado and elsewhere these parents are seeking more than tears.


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