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COVID In Colorado: Families Urged To Prevent A Thanksgiving Spike

DENVER (CBS4) - The window of opportunity to bring COVID-19 cases down in Colorado is still open. Local health officials are worried that may not happen as people plan to gather for Thanksgiving.

"Everybody in my family is a wonderful cook," Ursala Torrence said.

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(credit: Ursala Torrence)

It just runs in Torrence's blood, and Thanksgiving is one of her favorite holidays.

"This year we decided to keep his safety in mind. We wouldn't get together, so we're probably going to do a little drive-by," she said about her dad.

Normally her family would gather for a 10 person celebration. This year it will be scaled down for the sake of people, like her dad, who are in the high-risk category.

It's not just her. Torrence told CBS4 some customers at her catering and food truck business - Nel's Downhome BBQ - are skipping the big turkey this year.

"They're just doing like four people, and they're sticking with the traditional food like the turkey and the mac n' cheese," she explained.

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(credit: CBS)

That's why she thinks this year she's getting more orders, however for smaller portions.

"Eleven people at your Thanksgiving, that's a 10% of playing Russian Roulette," Gov. Jared Polis said during a press conference last week.

Warnings about small gatherings have come from the governor and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The agency advises families to keep it under 10 people with just immediate family.

They recommend people check in with extended family virtually, keep windows open so the virus doesn't circulate in small spaces and spend time outside.

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(credit: Ursala Torrence)

"You would feel terrible if anybody in your family ended up getting sick," Torrence said.

As far as Torrence is concerned, traditions as cherished as they may be, can be set aside when it comes to her family's health; which is far more important.

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