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Colorado Teen Girls Spend Week At Biz Camp To Jump Start Career

DENVER (CBS4)- It's never too early to get a jump start on your career and that's the theme of a camp that teaches business to young women in Colorado.

It's called Biz Girls and offers a unique experience for teenage girls who want to get a leg up on the competition in business.

Rachel Bell is 18 years old and already the CEO of her own company for custom iPhone covers called "Case Taste."

"Phone cases are so personal. They hold your memories, your photos, contacts and what makes you, you," said Bell.

Her business idea was born from a frustration of not being able to find a cellphone case that she liked.

At Biz Girls she was given the tools to turn that frustration into a money-making idea.

"You think it's a business camp and CEO development program and you'll have to buckle down and in five days own a business," said Bell. "It's relaxed and taking things by the reins for yourself."

Biz Girls Camp was founded by Peter Adams, a father who wanted his daughters to experience what it's like to be an entrepreneur.

Adams already coaches women CEOs with earnings of $1 million plus to take their business to the next level.

"Ideas are cheap. It's really easy to have a business idea, a lot of people do but execution is important and so with Biz Girls by the end of the week they have a running business," said Adams.

Over the course of a week the girls identify passions to create their business idea, find manufacturers, set up websites, learn accounting and then pitch the business to current entrepreneurs.

"There's no limit on what I can do with this business and it doesn't have to be my only business too since I have the tools to take that off," said Bell.

"The day after the program ended she got her first sale so that was really neat," said Adams.

The next Biz Girls Camp starts Aug. 5 in Boulder for girls 13-18 years old.


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