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Coronavirus Update: Colorado Doctors Bracing For Surge Of Patients

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) - As Gov. Jared Polis updated the number of coronavirus cases Monday, Dr. Mark Moss, the head of Critical Care at UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital, shared his experience from the front lines.

"New COVID-19 patients are being admitted to the hospital at a faster rate than patients are recovering," he said.

On Monday, that meant caring for 72 COVID-19 patients at the hospital in Aurora, 37 who are critically ill and 33 who are now using a ventilator.

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"We now have twice as many critical doctors working continuously throughout the day and night to effectively care for these patients," Moss said.

He says the intense preparation by the hospital even before Colorado had its first presumptive positive case has kept them ahead of the curve.

Now, they are bracing for a surge of new patients.

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"As the coronavirus continues to spread we will need more personal protective equipment including gloves, masks, gowns and face shields. If we are not healthy we cannot continue to help," Moss said.

With the protective gear paired with the community doing their part by staying home, Moss hopes he and other doctors can avoid making life or death decisions.

"No one wants this pandemic to get to the stage where we do not have enough ventilators for each patient that needs one."

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