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Colorado State Searches For Artists To Create 'Spur Campus' Installations

DENVER (CBS4) – Colorado State University has been partners with the National Western Center since the first Stock Show in 1906. CSU is building on that history with its new Spur campus.

"We're creating this for the general public. It's not just for kids on field trips. It's for families on weekends and for tourists. We want people to come to Colorado and come specifically to the Spur to see what we're doing and engage with us," said Amy Parsons, CSU System, Executive Vice Chancellor.

SPUR CAMPUS ART 6 PKG.transfer_frame_2373
Amy Parsons (credit: CBS)

The three-building redevelopment breaks ground this year at the NWC and doesn't open until 2022, but the university is already planning art experiences that will celebrate Spur's commitment to education, innovation and research.

"We hope that some people will come to the site just for the art, and then they'll stay for educational exhibits and learn about what we're doing at CSU," said Parsons, "We're looking for the most compelling art we can find that's innovative and speaks to this area of the city."

SPUR CAMPUS ART 6 PKG.transfer_frame_1840
Rendering (credit: Colorado State University)

CSU, in partnership with Denver-based NINE dot ARTS, opened a call for artists to design eight public art installations for Spur's campus. More than $1 million will be allocated for the projects.

"All artists across the globe are invited to submit. We have four criteria we're looking for in art selection: relevance, engagement, imagination and innovation," said Martha Weidmann, CEO and Co-Founder, NINE dot ARTS. NINE dot ARTS was selected by CSU to lead the collaborative campus art masterplan.

SPUR CAMPUS ART 6 PKG.transfer_frame_860
Martha Weidmann (credit: CBS)

The art will be located within Spur's Water Building, Animal Health Complex and Food and Agriculture Center. One of the eight selected artists, or artist groups, will also create for the bridge connect two of the new buildings.

SPUR CAMPUS ART 6 PKG.transfer_frame_1554
Rendering (credit: Colorado State University)

Proposals and entries, which can be submitted on, are due no later than Jan. 24. Colorado artists are encouraged to apply.

SPUR CAMPUS ART 6 PKG.transfer_frame_1067
Rendering (credit: Colorado State University)

"Artists should show us what they've done in the past. Show us your portfolio. From there, we'll select a round of semifinalists and they'll receive a design stipend to create site specific proposals," said Weidmann.

SPUR CAMPUS ART 6 PKG.transfer_frame_981
Rendering (credit: Colorado State University)

Semi-finalists will be notified in mid-Feb. at which time each semi-finalist will receive an honorarium to create a site-specific proposal. Proposals will be presented to the Art Selection Committee on March 20 and final artists selections will be made by early April 2020.

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