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Colorado State Patrol Mourns Another Loss Years After 'Move Over Law' Signed

DENVER (CBS4) - Two years ago, Colorado State Trooper Cody Donahue was killed after a driver failed to move over on the highway.

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(credit: CBS)

In 2017, then-Gov. John Hickenlooper signed the "Move Over for Cody Act" into law, which is supposed to make penalties harsher for those who don't move over when passing law enforcement, highway workers or truck drivers.

Yet these unthinkable tragedies continue to happen across Colorado.

Taylor Thyfault
(credit: Colorado State Patrol)

In May 2015, Trooper Taylor Thyfault was killed by a driver who was eluding another state trooper on Highway 66. He was in the middle of training with Colorado State Patrol. Thyfault was only 21 years old.

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(credit: CBS)

Six months later, Trooper Jaimie Jursevics was killed when she was hit by a drunk driver while investigating a crash on Interstate 25. She left behind her husband and little girl and was only 33 years old.

Jaimie Jursevics
Jaimie Jursevics (credit: GoFundMe)

"It breaks our hearts when one of our own is lost," said Former Colorado State Patrol Chief Scott Hernandez. It's devastating."

One year later, in November 2016, State Trooper Cody Donahue was hit and killed by a semi-trailer on I-25 while also investigating a crash. Donahue was an 11-year veteran of the Colorado State Patrol, and he too left a family behind.

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(credit: CBS)

"He was wonderful. Her was amazing". Donahue's wife said. "He was a friend, and a father, and a husband."

Cody Donahue
Cody Donahue (credit: Colorado State Patrol)

In March of this year, 52-year-old Cpl. Daniel Groves was hit by a car during a snow storm in Weld County. The trooper was helping a driver who slid off the road when another driver lost control and hit him.

Daniel Groves copy
Cpl. Daniel Groves (credit: Colorado State Patrol)

"It's frustrating," said Colorado State Patrol Chief Colonel Matthew Packard. "We're literally dying trying to serve. Dan died trying to serve."

CBS4 asked Colorado State Patrol whether they believe this law has been effective for them in recent years. However, because of the recent active and ongoing investigation involving Trooper William Moden, they declined to comment at this time.

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CSP asks those looking to donate to Trooper Moden and his family to donate to the Colorado State Patrol Family Foundation and select the Moden Family Fund, or donating to the Adoption Exchange in tribute to Trooper Moden.


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