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Colorado Springs Man Attacked By Neighbor With Sword

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4)- A man in Colorado Springs said he opened the door of his apartment to an angry neighbor swinging a sword.

It happened Tuesday morning at the Westwind Apartments in Colorado Springs.

Kenneth Sipes said when he opened the door his neighbor went after him with a samurai sword.

"I've never been so scared about one thing in my life," said Sipes. "I can relive it in my mind. I see my daughter going crazy and then I'm fighting this guy with a sword and it's like I'm fighting for my family's life right now."

Sipes had surgery to try to repair the damage to his hands. Doctors aren't sure if he will regain full use of his hands.

Sipes said he has had issues with his neighbor, Sean Knapp, in the past but don't know what provoked this attack. Knapp has been arrested.

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