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Colorado Ranks 2nd Best Among U.S. States According To Survey Of Americans

DENVER (CBS4) - There is always a sense of pride in being "from" a particular place. For Coloradans, that sense of pride got a little boost Tuesday with the release of a survey from YouGov that asked Americans which states are the best. Colorado checked in at number two on the list behind only Hawaii.

The survey, conducted among over 1,000 U.S. adults, asked participants to pick the "better" state in a series of head-to-head matchups. That data was then compiled into win percentages for each state, like one would do for a sports team. In these head-to-head matchups, Colorado came out victorious 65% of the time second to Hawaii's 69%.

YouGov Stats

Virginia (64%), Nevada (61%) and North Carolina (61%) rounded out the top five spots on the list. The bottom saw Alabama as the last state ranked with Washington D.C. ranked just below it. Interestingly, Americans chose their home state to win any matchups that it was involved in 77% of the time.

Colorado's neighbors, Wyoming (53%), Utah (48%), New Mexico (48%), Nebraska (45%), Oklahoma (45%) and Kansas (42%) all ranked outside of the top 20 with every one except for Wyoming holding a below average win percentage.

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