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Colorado Parents Prefer Metal Detectors In Schools

DENVER (CBS4)- Parents in Colorado believe metal detectors should be in our schools in order to better protect students. That's according to a new school safety poll by Quinnipiac University.

The poll asked voters across Colorado if they prefer metal detectors or armed teachers. They overwhelmingly chose metal detectors.

Metal detectors are in the state Capitol and courthouses in Colorado, installed for safety. But they're not in our schools.

Many people believe the safety measure should be installed, 75 percent of those polled approve of metal detectors being placed in schools.

Two polls in the past three months among voters in Colorado find half of those support allowing teachers to carry guns.

Lawmakers have refused to arm teachers.

"Fortunately down here in Denver there is very much a more gun control sort-of mentality that most of the state doesn't share," said Rep. Steve Humphrey, a Republican representing Severance.

Humphrey's bill would have allowed school boards to decide whether teachers could carry weapons.

The state's largest teacher's union said 80 percent of teachers oppose the idea.

"Student safety is a primary concern as educators, however we believe money is better invested in mental health services to make sure acts of violence don't happen," said Colorado Education Association President Kerrie Dallman.

Dallman said teachers do support school resource officers. The state allows schools to hire armed security and many districts have officers who rotate between middle and senior high schools.

A bill to put school resource officers in every school in the state has failed to get funding at the state Capitol.

The National Conference of State Legislatures said after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in December 2012, 33 states considered bills that would have allowed for armed teachers. Only seven passed them into law.

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