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Colorado Mother Using YouTube Fame To Raise Money For A Good Cause

DENVER (CBS4) - A Colorado baby with albinism who saw her mom for the first time on video has become a YouTube sensation, now her Web fame may help support her school.

Louise McMorris' severe albinism has left her with very poor vision. In the now-famous video, Louise, with special glasses, sees her mom clearly for the first time. The video has gone viral with nearly 12 million views on YouTube. Now her mother is using that fame for fundraising.

Louise McMorris
Louise McMorris with her mother, Megan McMorris (credit: CBS)

"Hi everyone, it's the singing mommy and Louise," Louise's mother Megan McMorris says in her latest YouTube video.

This time, Megan has an announcement.

"We are launching the Singing Mommy Contest," she says.

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Megan is famous for singing to Louise in YouTube videos. Now she's challenging others to post songs on a special Facebook page.

"They can sing to their child, a spouse, a pet; it's all good and fun," Megan said.

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Megan is urging people to donate to the nonprofit Anchor Center for Blind Children where Louise attends weekly therapy.

"It's a place that we feel is so important to help children with visual impairment as well as the parents," Megan said.

Megan McMorris
Megan McMorris talks with CBS4's Kathy Walsh (credit: CBS)

Those interested have until April 3 to enter the Singing Mommy Contest and vote for the best video. But donations are accepted anytime.

"Every bit counts, even if it's just a dollar, it doesn't matter, it's all for the children," Megan said.

The winner of the Singing Mommy Contest will have his or her video featured on the very popular "Louise and Albinism" YouTube channel. Those who donate will have the satisfaction of knowing they helped nearly 400 children who depend on the Anchor Center's services.

LINK: Anchor Center for Blind Children Singing Mommy Contest

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