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Colorado's Marijuana Dispensary Sales Grow During Coronavirus Pandemic

DENVER (CBS4) - The Colorado cannabis industry is one of a few which has seen a surge in sales this past week.

"It's almost 420 numbers," said Danny Schaefer with My 420 Tours. "We're seeing a lot of people stock up on cannabis, just the like they are stocking up on toilet paper."

POT SHOPS HIRING PKG.transfer_frame_141
(credit: My 420 Tours)

Schaefer's main business of pot tourism was shut down as part of the state's coronavirus closures. Adaptation moved the party online.

"We've had some phenomenal feedback about that because people can stream our content anywhere on the globe that definitely opens up our potential customer base and allows us to monetize what it is and how we do it," he said.

This also means My 420 Tours is hiring, just different positions than they normally would this time of year.

POT SHOPS HIRING PKG.transfer_frame_1836
(credit: CBS)

"We're looking for more digital resources, marketers, content creators, video editors, things like this for the virtual aspect of our business," said Schaefer.

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"Labor has always been an issue within our industry, so we're really excited to have some folks who will be coming into it," said Steven Lopez, CEO of The Green Solution.

Lopez has been in the marijuana business since 2009 and was one of the first stores open to customers when recreational marijuana became legal. He says he's hiring 30-50 new employees to a variety of positions - jobs which could turn into careers.

"We have many people in very high level positions who started out as budtenders and have moved their way up the rankings, and now they have corporate jobs as well as leadership roles too," he said.

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