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Colorado lawmakers consider bill to make it easier to spot hidden fees

Colorado lawmakers debated a bill that would make it much easier to spot hidden fees. The legislation overcame its first hurdle at the state Capitol on Wednesday.

The bill would ban advertising a product or service without also including all fees or charges. Sponsors of the bill say that a violation of the ban could be considered a "deceptive trade practice."

Lawmakers discussed the pros and cons of the proposal at a hearing. 

"You know, you are potentially hanging an up to $20,000 fine over the heads of businesses," said Rep. Mike Lynch, a Republican representing District 65. "I really just think that the free market could take care of this on its own."

"If somebody just got something tucked in there that they're going to charge you anyway, they should tell you up front that you're going to pay for it," said Rep. Chad Clifford, a Democrat representing District 37.

The bill was approved by the Business Affairs and Labor Committee with a 7-3 vote.  

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