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Colorado Girl Scouts Not Allowed To Sell Cookies Outside Pot Shops

DENVER (CBS4) - Customers of some marijuana shops are finding they don't have to go far if they have a case of the munchies since Girl Scouts are selling cookies right outside the front door.

A Girl Scout in San Francisco sold about 117 boxes in just two hours outside a medical marijuana shop.

But those in Colorado will have to go a lot further for cookies because Girl Scouts here are keeping their distance.

Katherine Kneeland is a Girl Scout troop leader and said she would never ask her troop to make more money by trying to sell to people who buy marijuana at stores that sell the drug legally.

"I don't think I'd want my daughter to set up a booth in front of a dispensary," said Kneeland.

Although pot shops are becoming a big market in the state, it's one the Girl Scouts of Colorado don't want to get into.

They issued a statement that reads, "We recognize these are legitimate businesses, but we don't feel they are an appropriate place for girls to be selling cookies in Colorado."

However, reaction to this statement is split.

"If it's safe go for it. I'm sure they'll sell a lot of freaking cookies because people will get high and want to eat food," said a Denver resident.

"I think whatever they feel is right is what they should do," said Denver resident Amanda Legos, who buys cookies every year.

Kneeland hopes the Girl Scout's idea in California doesn't catch on and change tradition.

"It brings something to light, something to mind, and will start a discussion," Kneeland said.

Aside from pot shops, the Girl Scouts of Colorado said other places that are off limits are bars, strip clubs, casinos and liquor stores.

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