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Colorado Democrats Aim To Uphold Colorado Reproductive Rights Regardless Of Supreme Court Outcome

(CBS4) - Colorado lawmakers were paying close attention this week as the country's highest court heard arguments in a case that could change abortion rights across the country.

"There is a sense after the arguments today that (Roe v. Wade) is in real jeopardy," state Rep. Meg Froelich said.

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Froelich is among a group of female Democratic leaders planning to introduce the Reproductive Health Equity Act in Colorado. Froelich says there are no state laws preventing a woman from getting an abortion, but there are no laws protecting abortion rights in Colorado, either.

"We feel a real sense of urgency that we want something on the books that protects access, and access has really become critical," she said.

That urgency, Froelich says, comes after comments made by some of our U.S. Supreme Court justices during the hearing Wednesday.

After oral arguments, they will now decide if Mississippi law banning abortion after 15 weeks should stand, going against the decades-old Roe v. Wade decision that says states cannot ban abortion before fetal viability.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh raised questions about the supreme court's role in the matter.

"Why should this court be the arbiter rather than Congress, the state legislatures, state supreme courts, the people being able to resolve this?" Kavanaugh asked.

For years, the majority of Coloradans have said no to similar bans, the most recent on last year's ballot.

Froelich says the legislation is representative of that history.

Colorado really respects these private decisions and has told us over and over again we won't stand for it.

State Rep. Matthew Soper responded. In a statement, the Republican said "Under our system of laws, it is for the Supreme Court to interpret what the law is in accordance to the Constitution. The Democrats should wait and see what the court decides before rushing to introduce legislation that may be moot."

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