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Patient Charged 'Admin Fee' For COVID Vaccine, Colorado Attorney General Investigating

DENVER (CBS4) - For months officials have said that the COVID-19 vaccine is free, but some viewers tell CBS4 they're getting bills.

"It was just nice to get the process going, and get back to normal," said Kyle Cangilla.

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(credit: CBS)

Cangilla spent weeks looking for an appointment, so when one opened at the Little Clinic located inside the Greenwood Village King Soopers, he booked it.

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(credit: CBS)

"I checked in, they asked for my insurance card, it seemed fine, gave them that, about a week or two later, I got a bill for $45 in the mail," said Cangilla.

The bill was for an admin fee, and unexpected. Gov. Jared Polis and other state officials had said there would be no cost. Cangilla emailed the governor's office, which responded explaining that providers cannot require an individual to present an ID or insurance card.

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(credit: CBS)

CBS4 contacted Kroger, the parent company of Little Clinic and King Soopers. A spokesperson said the vaccine is free.

"However, to help offset costs associated with distribution, storage, and labor to administer the vaccine, providers can submit an administration fee to health insurance companies," the spokesperson explained. "Should a Little Clinic patient receive a bill for their COVID-19 vaccine, our Little Clinic Health teams will help to navigate through the process of correcting the charge to ensure our patients receive their vaccine at no cost."

Cangilla told CBS4 he has called the number on his bill and has gotten nowhere.

"I'm worried they may open collections on me, or a ding on my credit," he added.

"When you get the vaccine, you shouldn't be asked for an insurance card, you shouldn't be asked for payment," said Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser, whose office is looking into reports of vaccine-associated billing.

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Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser (credit: CBS)

"I recognize that there is this episode out there, what I want people to know is, you get this without a fee, if later you get a bill, you tell us, the Attorney General's Office about it, we'll get on the case," Weiser said.

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