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Colorado Conservatives Vow To Protect The State's 'Most Vulnerable' At Western Conservative Summit

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4)- The message at the Western Conservative Summit at the Gaylord Rockies on Saturday was clear: The nation is in crisis, and only voters can save it by standing up for conservative values.

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According to speakers, one of the many issues at stake is abortion rights. Two Colorado conservative lawmakers, State Senator Bob Gardener and State Representative Stephanie Luck, shared how they are standing up for their values even though they are outnumbered.

Earlier this year the Colorado Legislature passed the Reproductive Health Equity Act. It ensures women will have access to abortions in Colorado no matter what happens on a national legislative level.

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"It means that no matter what the Supreme Court does in the future, women in Colorado will be able to choose," said Gov. Jared Polis when he signed the bill into law.

When it was proposed, Conservatives, who are outnumbered in both the Colorado State House and Senate, could do little to prevent its passage.

"We realized after the House introduction and committee hearing and debate there, that this bill was not going to be changed," said Gardner.

They say they didn't roll over though. Their efforts to fight for abortion restrictions was the topic of one of Saturday's talks at the summit.

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Gardener and Luck both said they used to debate on the bill to advocate for the value of life. Their argument is that life is special and that the State of Colorado should be standing up for vulnerable women and babies.

"Is the value of life dependent upon whether someone wants that life or not?" posited Gardner.

"This is a life or death issue," said Luck. "If we as a society cannot protect the most vulnerable among us, and if we can't give our all literally give our all, then what are we up there for?"

Even though the vote ultimately didn't go in their favor, they say they don't feel totally defeated. They say they fought for their conservative values and helped their colleagues understand them better. Possibly laying the groundwork for more conservative-friendly legislation in the future. Plus, they say fought for conservatives across Colorado.

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"It was wonderful to be able to walk out and know that yes, while the vote was taken and the bill was moving on to the next stage, we hadn't lost. Because we walked out to a group of people cheering for us and for the fight that we had," said Luck.

Both lawmakers also expressed hope that the nation is moving in a more Conservative direction when it comes to abortion access, citing the leak of the Supreme Court opinion as evidence.


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