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Help Decide What Goes Into Colorado's Budget

DENVER (CBS4)- People who live in Colorado can tell state lawmakers just how they want their tax money spent. It's the first time legislators have opened up the budget proposal to public comment this early in the session.

The meeting is open to anyone who wants to attend. The Joint Budget Committee is opening the process to the public from the beginning to get a sense of what people want.

There is a lot of discussion over where the money goes with a $30 billion budget for Colorado.

Some areas of significance include health care, education, corrections and human services. The committee will go through every line in the budget.

"Colorado is a growing state and we have a lot of increasing demands on services. We want to hear from people on the ground, average citizens, to hear what is happening in their communities and how they think the state can better address those," said Sen. Dominick Moreno, Joint Budget Committee Chair.

The meeting is at the Legislative Services Building at 1:30 p.m. Monday.

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