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Colorado becomes second state to ban excited delirium

Term "excited delirium" no longer being used in Colorado
Term "excited delirium" no longer being used in Colorado 00:30

Gov. Jared Polis signed a bill on Thursday that keeps law enforcement, first responders and coroners from using the term "excited delirium." Colorado is the second state after California to ban the term. 

The bill comes after a report from Physicians for Human Rights that excited delirium is not a valid medical or psychiatric diagnosis. 

The bill summary is as follows: The bill prohibits training for law enforcement personnel, emergency medical service providers, or other first responders from including the term "excited delirium"; except in an emergency medical service provider training the term may be used in teaching the history of the term . A peace officer is prohibited from using the term "excited delirium" to describe a person in an incident report. A coroner or other person authorized to determine a cause of death shall not register "excited delirium" as the cause of death on a death certificate.

Scientific term "excited delirium" under scrutiny in Colorado 04:12

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