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Coloradans Looking For Work Could Help Fill Financial Services Positions

DENVER (CBS4) Sudden changes in the financial markets as well as changes to investment laws has increased the workload for Fidelity Investments.

"We are in a position to really start hiring people, great people who are out there right now looking for jobs," said Onisa Treibs, a Vice President with Fidelity Investments.

"We have 2,000 opportunities across the U.S. right now."

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Of those opportunities, 200 are available in the Denver Metro Area. Fidelity hopes to be able to encourage top talent from other industries to consider a career in financial services.

"We have hospitality people who are looking for work. We have service and industry people who are looking for work. Those make great Fidelity employees because they really do truly understand listening to people's needs and then matching them with the right solutions," said Treibs.

And openings are available for those seniors graduating college into an uncertain job market.

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"We have a ton of opportunities available for our graduates. We have a really refined program that we do on bringing on a graduates on with Fidelity. And in addition to that, we have great benefits where we do college loan repayment. So that's, that's just one of the many benefits that fidelity has to offer," she said.

Fidelity Investments will be hosting a webinar on Tuesday, April 21, to provide more information about available jobs.

Job postings and information are available at


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