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Colombia police arrest 73-year-old American for giving "cannabis tours" in his home

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In a new type of "travel high," an American was arrested on Tuesday by Colombian police for allegedly offering $30 "cannabis tours" to tourists in his home. 

The 73-year-old man advertised on social media and a website for foreigners to visit his house in Sabaneta, a town south of the city of Medellín in the northwestern part of the country, Colombian national police said in a statement. 

He also distributed flyers advertising "Cannabis Farm Tours" given by "Cannabis Jimmy." The materials said "free samples" would be distributed during the tours. Approximately 2-8 people were on each tour, and reservations were required.

Colombian National Police arrested an American citizen for giving "cannabis tours" at his home. Colombia National Police

The tours lasted 2-3 hours during which the man taught visitors "the process of planting, caring for, harvesting, and maintaining this plant," police said. He also sold tour-takers marijuana for $20 a gram. 

A flyer advertising Cannabis Farm Tours.  Colombia National Police

Police said they confiscated 1,380 grams of marijuana during the arrest. They did not identify the man, only saying he is an American.

Colombia has long struggled to control the trafficking, manufacturing and/or possession of narcotics within its borders.

Late last year, the Colombian Navy intercepted a shipwrecked boat carrying 33 kilograms of cocaine and 744 kilograms of marijuana.

The South American nation is the world's largest exporter of cocaine – almost 90% of the cocaine sold in the United States each year arrives from Colombia.

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