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Colfax Marathon Runners Get New Recovery Option This Year

DENVER (CBS4) - The 26.2 mile course of the Colfax Marathon pushed runners to the limits, but this year, for the first time, participants were given a new kind of a recovery option.

Mark Wolcott ran this year's Colfax Half Marathon's half marathon. He's run a marathon a month, every month, for the past year. And after Sunday's 13 miles, he tried something a little different in his recovery -- an athletic recovery drip with Onus iV.

"I'm pretty well drained; I've got soreness in my legs. Hopefully this will take care of all that pretty quickly," Wolcott said.

"We are a brand new service, we offer concierge iV drips," Kristy Anderson with Onus iV.

She said drips include things from hydrating saline, to vitamins and amino acids.

"To replenish energy levels and just get you feeling better so you can go about your day," Anderson said.

Recovery iVs from a night of drinking alcohol are relatively common in places like Las Vegas, but Anderson said they were drawn to Colorado to cater to athletes.

"We have, of course, a menu that's been established and FDA approved," she said.

Mark Wolcott getting an iV drip (credit: CBS)

Drips were given by medically trained staff after a short medical assessment. Anderson said the 30-minute procedure is safer than a med-spa.

"Botox is more dangerous than what we are administering."

As for runners like Wolcott, he said it's a swift recovery that will get him back on his feet ready for his next race.

"It's kind of an addiction -- you do one, you get tired of if that day, wake up the next day ready to do it again," he said.

The iV recovery drips start at $65. They are by appointment only. Learn more at

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