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Closet Shopping: New Way To Get New Clothes Without Spending A Lot

DENVER (CBS4)- If you ever look in your closet and wish you could trade some of your old clothes for new ones, check out a new way of shopping-- in other people's closets.

Amy Sinn has a closet full of clothes, shoes and purses that she hardly ever wears. Instead of letting them gather dust, she's helping another women add variety to her wardrobe and making money at the same time.

"I like clothes," said Sinn. "I've got tons of sweaters I'm kind of sick of."

She's also buying some new ones. All this selling and buying Sinn does from home on The website offers the chance to shop in other people's closets.

"Once somebody buys an item, you get a shipping label in email and once the buyer receives the merchandise you get your money," said spokesman Mamish Chandra.

Poshmark's Chandra said customers will usually pay about 40 percent of retail.

For Sinn, who has two toddlers, shopping at home is the only way to get new clothes.

"I was wearing jeans and T-shirts and now I'm stylish and I feel better and I look better," said Sinn.

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