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Celebrities Offer Tips On How To Save Money

DENVER (CBS4) - Who isn't trying to save a few bucks these days? Even celebrities are pinching pennies.

"Michelle, her favorite shopping spot is Target … she used to go there all the time," President Obama told CBS4's Shaun Boyd in a recent interview.

Carmelo Anthony gets paid millions, but his humble roots have left him, in some ways , still counting his pennies.

"I go to the supermarket, make sure I get the newspaper and tear the coupons out; save a dollar or two," Anthony said.

People may look at his play on the court with awe, but he says they look at him in the grocery with shock.

"I've got the paper open with coupons, ripping them, I'm human too," Anthony said.

Also human is furniture wheeler and dealer Jake Jabs, who promotes storewide savings and practices what he preaches.

"Pay cash for stuff, don't get your credit cards maxed out for things," Jabs said.

Jabs says he's always paid cash for everything, including cars and his home.

Sen. Michael Bennet spends hours haggling with lawmakers about improving the nation's economy, but there is no haggling over his family budget.

"When we go out for lunch or something like that, I make our kids, we have three little girls, share meals," Bennet said.

And even our nation's leader has some tips for saving money.

"Right now probably the best thing you can do is insulate your home and figure out how to get your money back by driving your utility costs down," Obama said. "It's an investment on the front end, but it's good for consumers and it's good for the environment as well."

CBS4 wants to hear about the ways you save money. Call Suzanne McCarroll at (303) 863-TIPS or send her an e-mail to CBS4 may even give you a call and have you share your tips on the news.

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