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Celebrate The Survivor In Your Life On National Cancer Survivors Day

(CBS4)- National Cancer Survivors Day is this Sunday, June 5. There are close to 17 million cancer survivors in the United States, and more than 225,000 of those are from Colorado.

Woman Receiving Radiation Therapy Treatments for Head & NeckCancer
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Katrina Dorow discovered she had breast cancer after her primary care doctor recommended she get a mammogram.

"I realized the first day that I had a choice on how I felt about the diagnosis. I had the opportunity to feel grateful and surround myself with a medical team that was knowledgeable. They were able to support me and guide me, so I spend most of my journey just being grateful," says Dorow.

Dorow received treatment under Dr. Joyce Moore at Sky Ridge Medical Center. Dr. Moore gives Dorow and other patients credit for following their primary care doctor's advice and getting recommended screening.

"If we can catch it, we can treat it. Especially if we can catch it early," says Dr. Moore. "Never ignore what your body is telling you. If a patient has a question about anything, just go get it checked out. It's worth the time and the effort to do it."

mammogram cancer screening Female doctor looking at mammography results on x-ray
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The American Cancer Society offers a variety of resources for patients. They have a 24-hour cancer helpline and can help you search for programs in your area. Dorow says she received so much support during her treatment. She even took part in a two-day program hosted by the local non-profit Hope Held by a Horse.

"I got the opportunity to connect with horses and work with an equine coach. There was a lot of emotional support, and I gained life-changing skills so I could be more of a thriver rather than just a survivor," says Dorow.

"My greatest reward and joy is to see my patients years out, knowing they're cancer-free," says Dr. Moore. "To have a day that celebrates survivorship is very special. That's the important message of National Cancer Survivors Day, that others see cancer is treatable."


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